This page was originally for a joke novel I wrote about one of the Neon Tail developers, yashiky, working on what is now the Etial District during the early days of the game's development. You can read that here.

I am now writing a fan script for a Magical Girl Toast arc! Maybe one day we will see it in the game. The lead developer, fei, seems open to the idea but I can only bug him so much. Remember to join the Neon Tail Discord server and make it known if you are interested in this. Updates to the script itself will be sporadic so make sure to check back every so often if you are following this.


If you have come to this page from elsewhere than the in-game billboard, I urge you to give Neon Tail a look! It is a very ambitious and well-crafted game considering the development team consists of only three people. Furthermore, as it is stylised, you should not need the latest and greatest hardware to run it smoothly.

☆ CAR ☆