Magical Girl Toast

A Gameplay Script for Neon Tail by Car

Last update: 29 September 2021


All the below is written with the intention that it could be used in the finished Neon Tail game as DLC. Therefore, there may be some spoilers if you are new to the game. I have used informal contractions in some places where it seems more appropriate as dialogue that might be spoken by the characters (i.e. through voice acting), while sticking to more formal writing wherever possible. This script's directions outside of dialogue are predominantly in British English but I have included American terminology where I felt it necessary for clarification. I have used wording (e.g. ONE) for cutscenes and numbers for missions for organisation and readability purposes. Where I have felt a particularly strong vision for the appearance of characters and objects as well as location layouts, there is concept artwork, reference images/gifs and room plans, however my own skills are limited.

The final mission is written before additional preceding non-linear missions to allow for further game development and expansion. This mission is particularly large because I wish the player to experience it in one sitting.

I hope you enjoy reading.









Note: Time of day is only really important to the first cutscene to indicate that TOAST is just trying to enjoy a day out. Further times of day are at the discretion of the developers, but I would suggest evening up until completion of the last non-linear mission (after the end of this cutscene), then night time thereafter.

TOAST is leisurely skating down the street, half-eaten crepe in hand. She slows to a halt as she turns to witness a stage performance of three idols performing a dance routine to vibrant music. They are wearing frilly magical girl outfits, with the MIDDLE standing forward from LEFT and RIGHT (as seen as a spectator). MIDDLE is wearing a pink version of the costume, LEFT is wearing light blue and RIGHT light yellow.

As the music and dance routine reach their finale in tandem, TOAST raises her free hand to her mouth and giggles to herself.

  Hehe, magical girls, huh? That's so stupid!

A small meteor, about the size of a large beach ball, slams into the ground a couple of feet in front of TOAST out of nowhere, sending shards sprinkling far and wide into the air. TOAST is caught by surprise and flings the crepe she is holding.

The camera flips to the half-eaten crepe splatting filling-first into the ground.

A pure light being emerges from the shattered meteorite and floast in front of TOAST. The LIGHT BEING (???) proceeds to converse with TOAST. TOAST is notably surprised and takes a moment to compose herself.

  W-what in the world is happening!?

  Do not be alarmed, my child.

Note for other language translations: The use of "my child" here is intended ironically as it is a figure a higher being might use, but it also might be used by an alien lifeform that considers itself somewhat superior in force. I (Car) am from a historically Christian country, so this phrase makes sense to use here, but if you feel there is something else that would fit better with your country's culture then please substitute a different phrase - the intended meaning should be the same.

  Wait, did you just speak to me!?

TOAST recoils in surprise, with a gaping mouth and raised eyebrows.

  Strictly speaking, it's telepathy. You are the only one who can hear me.

  ...and what business do you have with me?

  Well, you see, the thing is... all those shards that flew away. Need 'em back. Fabric holding time and space together, fate of the universe, blah, blah.

shard concept 'art'

Note: The shards don't all have to look exactly the same, but this would be the base shape.

TOAST furrows her eyebrows and pouts a little bit.

  Great... and I guess I'm the one bound by the string of fate to help you out with that, too?

Note for other language translations: This phrase is actually borrowed from the concept of the 'red string of fate' and is from East Asian cultures, so I hope this will translate fairly well across most languages as it is already a culturally borrowed concept. The reason it was felt TOAST would use this phrase is because she enjoys being sassy and is implying that she is to be CREPE's partner through forced means for a while. You can of course search this phrase for various expanded explanations.

  You got it!

The LIGHT BEING (???) floats in a circular motion above TOAST before bursting into a bright light that encompasses TOAST in her entirety. The light is blinding and we can only see a silhouette of TOAST lifting up into the air slightly while the shape of her body and outfit transform. The light bursts out of frame upward as TOAST is revealed, lowering to the ground, in a new magical girl outfit.

toast magical girl concept 'art'

The LIGHT BEING gently floats back into frame as an oversize magic wand with a star-shaped tip. The star has a face no matter which side is displayed. It falls into the conveniently open hand of TOAST.

crept concept 'art'

TOAST clutches the wand and makes direct eye contact with its face.

  No time to waste, let's get to it!

  Wait, just one thing. What's your name?

  This is the part where you bestow me with a creative and well-thought-out name!

TOAST, feeling uninspired, looks around and notices the crepe she previously dropped on the ground.

  Crepe it is!

TOAST begins to skate a long way down to the end of the street.

RIBBON [Sound Test] by Xonah plays as an animated logo/text appears on the screen, "Magical Girl Toast - A Neon Tail side story by Car" which explodes into sparkly fireworks as the camera pans away from TOAST and up to the sky. (Optionally, instead of 'by Car' as fixed text, a 2D animated car (emoji style) could roll below the 'Magical Girl Toast' banner/text with 'by Car' printed on its side.)

Camera fades to black.




The camera pans to shards scattered around the Etial District as dialogue progresses.

  We need to gather those shards as quickly as possible. They are fragile and might destabilize into another dimension before we get the change to gather them all.

  ...they can disappear into their own worlds? Fantastic(!)

Note for other language translations: Exclamation mark in parentheses - (!) - is sometimes used to indicate sarcasm in written text. If you have a more suitable equivalent in the relevant language, please use that.

  Just focus on these ones for now... we can worry about the difficult ones later.

Having collected all the shards in the area, CREPE makes a comment.

  Now we have to get all the troublemakers.

Markers on the city map appear and missions may now progress in any order the player wishes, ultimately converging to a cutscene prior to the final mission.


CUTSCENE TWO (MISSION 2 counterpart: non-linear)


TOAST and CREPE observe the roof of the BUS STATION from a higher place. CREPE floats gently around/beside TOAST. A shard floats in mid-air at the centre of the BUS STATION'S circular roof, bobbing up and down while rotating gently.

high place

  That one's about to rip a hole through the universe.

Note for other language translations: The intended meaning is that there will be an adverse localised impact (read on below). If you feel another phrase would be more suitable here please take this into account.

  How can you tell?

TOAST raises an eyebrow in scepticism.

  Look closely at the air around it.

The camera zooms in onto an edge of the shard, revealing a swirling distortion absorbing into the shard.

Camera angle change to show whole shard. The shard collapses in on itself, creating a 'tear' of darkness. (A bird, cat, person etc. may be sucked into this for comic effect.)

Camera change back to TOAST and CREPE.

  And let me guess, we need to dive into that thing now?

  Precisely. I can protect us from being crushed while we pass through into the new dimension.

TOAST visibly releases a heavy sigh and facepalms.

  All right, let's get on with it then, I guess!

TOAST takes CREPE in hand and the pair form a glowing outline from CREPE'S protection. TOAST and CREPE grind down a power line and leap from it into the shard's 'black hole', getting swallowed whole.


MISSION 2 (non-linear)


The camera slowly fades in and enters from the top-down toward an oval neon track, not unlike a stock car race track. We can see TOAST skating chasing the shard with CREPE following alongside as the camera continues to descend downward - they are leaving contrails of light behind them.

Environment notes: The track and infield surface may appear like glass over black empty space with vague RGB-type lighting below and all around in the background, as if the track were floating in the middle of space. TOAST should be able to grind on the inside of the track but this will have no impact in relation to distance with the shard, even if speed is slightly increased: There are tears/cracks in the ground that are lit up in multicolour that will be used to speed up TOAST if she passes over them, in order to close distance with the shard. There may be some obstacles on the track loosely resembling debris from crashed vehicles, such as runaway wheels/tyres and twisted metal chunks. The track may have a literal position grid and start/finish line framed in RGB-type lighting.

The camera rotates around to the back of TOAST and CREPE as they continue to skate after the shard in the distance - it bounces from left to right playfully as dialogue proceeds.

Route note: The below marked dialogue only applies if this is the first of the non-linear missions the player attempts. Otherwise, start from after the second ---- marker.

  What am I, a car!? What's up with this place!?

  About that... you might say the meteor that carried me to your world is my counterpart. Basically my sibling. Before they got split up and scattered all over the place, they had their own consciousness. I suspect this shard is reflecting their experiences and interests in the design of this alternate dimension!

  Well, that's a convenient plot device. So how do we catch up to it?

  That shard is going really fast. Look! There are some tears in the ground. Skate over those and I will channel the unstable energy in the form of a speed boost.

Note for other language translations: The meaning is CREPE will somehow absorb power from the ground and allow TOAST to use it like a superpower.

At this point, control is handed back to the player as TOAST and CREPE enter a straight off a banked turn and a countdown begins (3, 2, 1...) for the player to take control at the midpoint of the straight (at the start/finish line if used).

Upon closing the distance halfway with the shard, control is taken momentarily from the player as it begins to spit energy beams at TOAST and CREPE. The player will be able to deflect these with CREPE's help by a specific combat movement.

  Woah, watch out!

CREPE slips into TOAST's grip.

  I will deal with those, just tell me when.

An instruction appears directing the player to tap a specific button when the energy beams are within a specific distance of TOAST - if the player gets hit, the distance widens and they will have to make up ground until they have success in deflecting the hits. Control is handed back to the player upon acknowledging this.

CREPE will be swung at the energy beams which will either deflect them or, if done expertly within a narrow tolerance, cause them to reflect off CREPE and hit the shard, slowing it down, therefore further closing the distance without additional use of speed boosts. Any deflected hits may also eliminate some obstacles on the course if they happen to hit them, sending them shooting out of frame.

Upon catching up to the shard a triumphant fanfare may play and the camera will fade to white as CREPE disconnects from TOAST and TOAST gently takes the shard into her hands.




CUTSCENE THREE (MISSION 3 counterpart: non-linear)


The camera is on the opposite platform to the train stop/platform entrance one level up from the ground, facing the lower ramp that leads up to the platform on the 'entrance' side of the train tracks. TOAST and CREPE emerge into view over the top of the ramp, facing the camera as they come to a stop.

  Hmmm... I am sure I sensed energy from a shard in this area.

TOAST grins in a mischievous manner.

  Maybe it's just playing hard to get.

Note for other language translations: TOAST is cheekily jesting that the shard is like a person one is attracted to and they are also attracted to that person, but they do not openly show their feelings about them readily.

CREPE makes a slightly surprised expression [:o] but before they have the time to respond, the atmosphere around the two begins to twinkle and sparkle in a mystical mist.

A train passes in front of the camera's view and we see TOAST and CREPE have disappeared as the mist fades away. The camera fades to a light colour/white as a new scene loads in.


MISSION 3 (non-linear)


BLUEPULSE CITY is essentially wiped from the map. TOAST and CREPE stand in a derelict and crumbling MRT tower. the only path down to the ground is by grinding on the railing as the energy ramp is not functioning and one would simply fall through. The roads passing through the tower fade into dust and the ground outside this is an uneven desert of craters, seemingly endless. Half-demolished buildings are left standing, but the area has been abandoned.

    TOAST looks like where we just were... but it's all gone...

TOAST expresses shock and dismay, bringing her hands to her face to hide a couple of shedding tears.

CREPE makes a concerned expression, tilting toward TOAST's head momentarily as if to pat it in sympathy, before returning to a neutral expression and position.

Route note: The below marked dialogue only applies if this is the first of the non-linear missions the player attempts. Otherwise, start from after the second ---- marker.

  We must have travelled forward in time by at least a few decades. The truth is, the shards we are hunting in their unbroken form are my other half, like a brother or sister to you.


Her head is still buried in her hands as she attempts to hold back tears.

  I wonder where that shard went... if it even matters...

  I am sure that shard is hiding around here somewhere. We should investigate the area and find it as soon as possible. If we stay in this time too long we might not be able to return.

TOAST stoicly steels herself with a determined expression, clenching her fist.

  We don't have a choice. Panzer vor!

Note: "Panzer vor" - "Tank forward/ahead" - A reference to the anime franchise Girls und Panzer.

Note for other language translations: Leave "Panzer vor!" as written.

At this point, the player is free to explore the desolate area and will encounter aliens which must be battled. They will drop various clues as to what happens in this timeline. Examples of these remnants are detailed below (subject to change/addition) and should be observable/rotatable on collection.

These drops can be randomised and once the player collects three (at least one of which must explicitly indicate the alien takeover - i.e. the first three items), the plot will proceed with the below dialogue.

  This is horrible!

  It does not look good, however, it is not necessarily the fate of your world.


  We have diverged from the timeline that is supposed to happen in your future. My sibling is somewhat fascinated with post-apocalyptic survival scenarios in human media and I guess the shard we are looking for took the chance to experience a chaotic future. It seems selfish, but they were always intrigued by major conflicts in human history.

A deep rumbling is heard in the distance and TOAST and CREPE look at each other in an alarmed manner before the camera fades to black.

Camera fades back in.


This is an area unique to this mission that is not based on the original BLUEPULSE CITY map, so artistic liberties may be taken. The setting is surrounded on all sides by broken down alien warships and their debris and the player may not leave the area or save until the mission is complete.

TOAST and CREPE peek over a pile of scrap metal to witness a large crystaline tank roaming around the scrapyard - its entire colour is that of the shard which is contained in the tank's turret housing (where the tank operators would normally enter/exit). This rotating piece is at least partly if not fully transparent in order to allow the player to see the shard. The tank's overall shape is not unlike that of the VK 45.01 AKA Porsche Tiger in profile (relatively 'short', but 'wide' in its tracks).

tank concept 'art'

  Riiiiiight... how do we deal with this, then?

  Perhaps a grand battle in a style befitting your current attire?


Looks over her frilly magical girl dress with her arms out at an angle, first down her left arm, then again down her right arm.


Note for other language translations: "Crud" is kind of a rude word but it is not really too frowned on most of the time. Find a similar word in the relevant language.

  Follow my instructions as we go and everything will be great!

An epic magical girl battle against the tank begins, with CREPE in TOAST's grip throughout.

Battle phase 1: The tank will move around while rotating its turret from damage while shooting energy beams at TOAST. CREPE will be held in TOAST's hand and attempt to collect this energy with the correct timing as part of the battle system which will allow TOAST to lunar jump behind the tank's turret (180 degrees to the direction of the main gun) and attack a weak spot on the turret by firing absorbed energy from CREPE. CREPE may give instructions/reminder tips regarding controls to achieve a fluid gameplay experience by comparison to MISSION 2 where gameplay is momentarily paused - the player should therefore be able to read the tips (new or reminders) with uninterrupted gameplay.

Battle phase 2: The tank's turret gun and housing will fracture, sending debris flying everywhere. This will cause an outburst of chaotic energy in the area which will cause TOAST and CREPE to float, along with large pieces of alien warship debris from the scrapyard. The player will have to continuously jump between these pieces (at an angle, with magnetic snapping for ease and fluidity) to avoid spikes of energy firing from the now exposed shard atop the tank's main body from directly hitting TOAST. At specific timed points, e.g. after avoiding three hits, the player will command TOAST to forcefully launch off a floating debris platform (which will angle down to face the tank while she is on it) and jab CREPE into the shard, causing a clash of energy and a mini explosion. On the final instance of this event, the entire game frame will pause, showing a still frame of TOAST driving CREPE into the shard, and the only animation will be the shard cracking down the middle before blinding light engulfs the screen.

cracked shard

Battle conclusion: A hard cut will be made to TOAST, with CREPE floating alongside, approaching the now cracked and dull, lightless shard. TOAST picks it up with CREPE and they both carefully scrutinise it, with no dialogue exchanged. At this moment, a small ball of light enters frame and twinkles around TOAST and CREPE before gently settling into the crack on the shard, and a gentle light eminates out from the shard on this contact to fill up the screen with a warm glow (which causes TOAST and CREPE to flinch backward a little bit - TOAST might cover her eyes with her free arm) leading into the final transition back to BLUEPULSE CITY.


TOAST and CREPE are deposited in the art room at the top of MRT. TOAST momentarily falls to her hands and knees, shaken by the experience.

  If Ruby hadn't been so brave...

Note for other language translations: The intended meaning of this incomplete statement is, 'if Ruby had not fought off the alien invasion the future TOAST just experienced could have become true in her world'.

TOAST shakes her head a little from side to side while standing up and composing herself.


CUTSCENE FOUR (MISSION 4 counterpart: non-linear)

EXT. BATHHOUSE (in-overworld location proposed/pending)

TOAST sits on the street with her knees up, hugging around her legs as CREPE looks at her in a concerned manner.

  Is something the matter, young lady?

  All this chasing around shards has made me sticky and gross...

  Why not return home to take a shower? I am sure that would not take too long, even with the fate of the universe at stake.

  Family life isn't that great at the moment... I'm still ashamed of getting kicked out of the SFS Pro league so I try to stay out as much as I can.

  I am sorry to hear that.

TOAST looks up longingly at the public bathhouse she is sat near to, craning her neck at an angle to do so.

  It sucks I don't even have enough money for this cheap place and..!!

The camera pans to NATIXTA leisurely skating down the pavement/sidewalk toward the bathhouse.

  OMG OMG OMG it's Natixta, squeee!!

TOAST jumps to her feet and bounces up and down a bit in excitement, her frilly dress bobbing along with her motions.

  Crepe, quick, hide!!

Note for other language translations: Replace OMG with similar phrase or acronym that indicates childish/tweenage excitement. Same for the onomatopoeia, "squee".

CREPE changes form in a black hole-like swirl and attaches to TOAST's head in the form of a cute hairclip. CREPE retains their face and star shape with their ribbons condensed into a bow, the middle of which they are mounted onto.

crepe hairclip

NATIXTA approaches TOAST.

  Oh hey, you're that girl Ruby mentioned, right? What was your name... Jam!?

  It's Toast.

TOAST, having just met her heroine who immediately got her name wrong, stares through NATIXTA with a broken-eyed gaze.

  Right, right... by the way what's with the outfit? You into cosplay?

TOAST continues to stare through NATIXTA with a lacklustre reply.

  Something like that, yeah...

  Say, since you're here anyway, would you like to join me for a bath? My treat!

TOAST perks up and her eyes light up with glee as her mouth simultaneously opens producing a little bit of drool. She clenches her fists at chest level in anticipation.

  Really!? I would love that!!

NATIXTA giggles, noting TOAST's new-found enthusiasm.

  Come on, then.

The camera zooms in on CREPE in hairclip form, who smiles [c:] and winks at the player, as the two head toward the entrance of the bathhouse.

The camera fades to black, and back in on the female changing room of the bathhouse.


NATIXTA has gone ahead of TOAST into the bathing area, through a now closed sliding door. TOAST is wearing a towel wrapped around her frame, folded into itself, under her shoulder level. CREPE remains in situ on her hair. There is a full length body mirror in the corner of the bathhouse at the opposite end to where the sliding door is. TOAST looks over to it and notices something is not quite right - there are small 'cracks' over the mirror's edges that look similar in texture and colour to the shards.

TOAST heads over to inspect the mirror with suspicion and sways from side to side. She blinks in the mirror and as expected up to this point her reflection has mirrored her perfectly.

She stands back up straight.

  Heh! I guess it's fine.

TOAST leans close into the mirror and brushes her bangs aside. She also sticks her tongue out at her reflection as she does this.

The reflection suddenly breaks away from mirroring TOAST's movements. It extends its tongue very much which shoots out of the mirror and pings TOAST in the forehead, causing her to reel back in bewilderment. The reflection retracts its tongue and grins at TOAST cheekily before the mirror clouds over from the edges, completing the coverage of shard-like texture and hiding the reflection.


There are rows of showers with stools either side of the room with a large communal bath at the end of it. Each showering station has its own vanity mirror and there is a long shelf running down each side where the showers are to place toiletries/where toiletries are already placed.

bath floorplan

NATIXTA is alone in the room, sat on a stool toward the end of one of the rows, showering herself. There is convenient steam coverage as required. She has rather carelessly left a bar of soap on the floor behind her while she shampoos her hair.

The sliding door at the end of the room suddenly slams open and NATIXTA looks over startled to see an equally startled TOAST running down the aisle.


TOAST's right foot catches the bar of soap left on the floor and instinctively switches to her one-legged balanced skating position. NATIXTA twists her neck to the opposite direction as TOAST flies past. TOAST's towel quickly begins to give way to the new posture as the bar of soap, which is of course comically large and slightly larger than her own little foot, simultaneously hits a lip/step just before the bath itself, sending her into the air. The towel completely flies off her during this movement as she somersaults and smacks down butt-first into the bath.

Note: Convenient steam coverage as felt necessary.

Following a huge splash and overflow of bath water onto the floor she turns around to face NATIXTA, her nose just above water level, blushing intensely and gurgling bubbles to the water's surface. CREPE has a little annoyed face momentarily (>.<) and shakes off some water discretely.

NATIXTA blinks in disbelief as to the scene she has just witnessed but readily composes herself. She gives TOAST a rather unimpressed look.

gabriel dropout

  You are supposed to shower first, you know!

Note: In the above dialogue, emphasise 'are' either by italics or bold, otherwise capital letters depending on font capabilities.

  *Gurgle, gurgle*

The camera fades out and in to various scenes of TOAST and CREPE enjoying shared bathing, first showering then relaxing in the bath.

Shower segment clip suggestions in no particular order:

Bath segment clip suggestions in no particular order:

Camera fades out/in.


NATIXTA enters the changing room first with TOAST following cautiously behind. She glances over to check the mirror in the corner which now appears normal. She breathes a sigh of relief.

Camera fades out/in.


Note: This room may be self-contained or open, off to the side of the reception desk. The entrance to the baths would be on the other side.

There is a ping pong table and some tables and chairs for customers to relax should they wish. There is also an open fridge with complimentary drinks. It is rather high up and TOAST cannot reach the top shelf where the milk she wants happens to be.

NATIXTA hands TOAST her chosen milk, while also grabbing her own from a lower shelf with her other hand, passing TOAST hers. They pop the milk open and heartily chug the contents in harmony before sighing in a satisfied manner. NATIXTA notices TOAST has a milk moustache, pointing at TOAST's upper lip and chuckling. TOAST acts shocked but by this point is actually quite comfortable in NATIXTA's company so she proceeds to laugh raucously from deep in her belly.

Camera fades out/in.


  Thank you so much, Natixta!

  Oh, you're most welcome. It was lovely to have a 'little sister' for the day.

  Y-you mean it... I can also call you big sis?

  You sure can! Wait a minute...

NATIXTA produces a smartphone/device and pulls TOAST close in for a joint selfie.

  Say cheese!


TOAST makes a cheesy double-victory sign with both hands, smiling awkwardly with her eyes shut. NATIXTA takes advantage of this and makes bunny ears over her head, beaming into the camera as she takes the photo.

  All done! I'll put it on my socials so watch out for it, 'k?

  Yes miss... I mean sis... I mean, it's a dream come true to not just meet you but spend time with you too!

TOAST once again remembers who she just bathed with and puts her index fingers together gingerly, twisting them against each other in a starstruck trance.

  No worries, my little flower petal. You can join me here anytime. See you around!

NATIXTA winks at TOAST before turning and skating off, waving her hand as she departs.

CREPE pops off of TOAST's head and reverses their transformation into their magic stick form.

  I presume you are most satisfied with that particular encounter.

  You got that right! But what about that mirror?.. That was very odd!

  Hmm... perhaps the chaotic energy from a rampant shard is causing some anomalies in your perceived reality.

  What the fudging fudge does that mean?!

Note for other language translations: Swearing without actually swearing/using a word that sounds very similar.

  It means you are having hallucinations that manifest themselves in a very real and physical way.


  We should look for another anomaly and see if we can locate a shard.


MISSION 4 (non-linear)


This mission is more similar to MISSION 1 compared to most of those following it in that it takes place within the overworld of BLUEPULSE CITY rather than a different area. The player will have to find objects/surfaces/beings that appear to be 'infected' with shard texture similar to that seen in the preceding mission.

Various glitches in reality will then occur, but the exact nature of these will depend on the object itself and possibly the district in which the anomaly is located (similar to how different songs play depending on which district the player is in). This will be at fei's discretion if implemented. In terms of overall technical implementation this is also at fei's discretion.

In no particular order, some suggestions on anomaly events that might occur around the map, which may be added to as more areas of the game map are produced:

Once the player has encountered 5-10 anomalies (subject to developer discretion), TOAST and CREPE will witness at their location a mass gathering of shard material in the form of light particles that will merge together into a complete shard. This will briefly float in mid-air in front of them before taking on the appearance of TOAST in a crystaline form. We will call this character SHARD TOAST.

  Hey! What's your deal?

Note for other language translations: 'What the heck are you doing?'

  I do believe this one has taken a liking to you.

  Yeah? Well, it can do that after we retrieve it!!

Route note: The below marked dialogue only applies if this is the first of the non-linear missions the player attempts. Otherwise, start from after the second ---- marker.

  They always were into cosplay...

  What's that?

  These shards all form a whole into a similar being, like me. I happen to know that they have some rather nerdy pursuits.

SHARD TOAST makes a cheeky gesture at TOAST and beckons her to follow. It then skates away at a quick pace and TOAST and CREPE follow.

Camera fades out/in to new set in-game location.

EXT. BLUEPULSE CITY - exact location TBD

SHARD TOAST will point to a tall landmark within sight at the time and crouch at TOAST repeatedly.

  They seem to want to race you.

  That so? Will you give up if we beat you?

SHARD TOAST nods in agreement and grins wildly at TOAST, closing both eyes.

  It's a deal.

CREPE floats close to TOAST's ear to whisper.

  If you get in trouble, use my power to get ahead.

TOAST winks at CREPE subtly in recognition.

The race will begin and checkpoints will be set in the same style as the various street races/time trials available around BLUEPULSE CITY. However, it will be an extremely unfair race for SHARD TOAST. For example, if the player falls too far behind they will be able to press a button to command CREPE to obstruct SHARD TOAST in some way. For example, TOAST could wave CREPE to direct an energy beam at a parked vehicle to block SHAR TOAST's patha and slow them down. TOAST could also fire an energy beam at the ground in the same manner at set points in the race to hop over a building as a shortcut.

In the unlikely event that the player is beaten after all the assists provided, they will be rewinded to the start of the race to try again immediately until they win.

On winning the race, SHARD TOAST will pout angrily at TOAST with clenched fists before making a defeated, crestfallen expression, converting back into a normal shard shape and dropping lifelessly to the ground. TOAST will then pick the shard up and look at it in her clutched hand, with CREPE looking over her shoulder at same.




As this is the final mission it will be split into various segments with cutscenes. These cutscenes will use the prefix FM with a number following and are written in-line with the gameplay.

Upon attempting to activate the mission at the starting location which will trigger the first cutscene (see below), the player will be warned with a dialogue indicating that it is a very long mission and they should not continue without time to dedicate to it as they will be unable to save the game in the overworld until they have completed it.


The player having collected all the shards they can, a new marker appears on the game map.


The event stage we first saw at the start of the story is set up near the pyramid, with a lot of folding seats put out. NPCs are also gathered on picnic blankets seemingly awaiting for an event to start later.

TOAST and CREPE are skating along nearby, wondering what to do now. TOAST pauses to look up at the event stage they have arrived to but turns back to CREPE to focus on the task at hand.

  Well now what, Crepe, we searched high and low for these things [TOAST brings up a shard she is now holding to examine it while skating] but according to you it looks like we don't have them all.

  Indeed. Annoyingly, I think we are missing one, and it isn't even a very large piece!

  How can you even tell that when there are so many of them?

  Gradual accumulation of life force. They feel incomplete.


  I believe I mentioned to you that these shards form a more complete whole that has its own personality, but perhaps not in a very clear way.

  Ah, right! I think you did say something about that.

TOAST and CREPE become pensive and lost in thought.

RIGHT from the idol group seen performing at the start of the story runs up to TOAST and CREPE. In addition to her light blue magical girl dress she is wearing a pendant around her neck with a clear housing containing the missing shard fragment. We will refer to this character as 'Idol' for in-game dialogue.

  Excuse me! Sorry to trouble you, but we have a problem and I was hoping you could help me out.

TOAST and CREPE are caught completely off guard (they have yet to notice the necklace) and appear surprised.


  It's just that... our 'middle' has suddenly called in sick and this is our final performance for a while. I don't want to let BLUEPULSE CITY down after we worked so hard on our past performances. I was wondering if you could fill in for her.

  Me!? Why me?

  You have the right outfit for it.

CREPE stifles a chuckle and turns away slightly so TOAST doesn't notice.

  Huh, that's a fancy drone camera you have there. So anyway, what do you think?

  Well, I... that's...

At this point the discussion is interrupted by the shard on the IDOL's necklace resonating with the one in TOAST's hand. At this point TOAST and CREPE are alerted to the shard necklace.

  Oh my, what's going on? I found this gem on the ground [she clutches the pulsing shard in its housing] a little bit ago after one of our events and I thought it was pretty, but I have no idea what it is.

  Honestly, I'm not quite sure either.

TOAST laughs awkwardly.

The shard in TOAST's hand slips out of her grip along with that in the necklace which clips through its housing, leaving an empty glass capsule dangling from the IDOL's necklace. The shards float toward the event stage and float in mid-air at the centre of the stage. TOAST, CREPE and the IDOL look on in amazement and a seemingly endless stream of shards begin to slip out from under TOAST's dress's frills (just where was she keeping all those anyway!?) in a beautiful stream, forming a giant ball of coloured light at the centre of the stage.

A large crowd of NPCs starts to gather and also witness this event.

The ball of light transforms into a crystaline magical girl (without wand at this point) with a similar height and build to TOAST before more light bursts outwards from her frame and she emerges in the appearance of a real human. They have silver-white hair tied in twintails similar in style to Hatsune Miku, except each ponytail is curled into a drill. The scrunchies holding this hairstyle in place have the shard appearance and texture. Their dress is similar to TOAST's but purple instead of green and a more royal-looking pattern on it in gold and blue. They have angelic wings protruding from the back of the dress. They are condescending and spoiled in nature, such as a princess type personality might be.

royal pattern


CREPE sighs.

  There they go again. Always so exuberent in their public displays.

The being introduces itself with no name. They are conceited yet bratty and childish in attitude and expression.

  I am the keeper of time and space. My beauty is unrivaled throughout the universe and my passion for your culture immense [they gesture to a particularly overweight NPC wearing an anime girl t-shirt at the front of the crowd - OPTRELLIAN happens to be standing beside them (friends?) and he awkwardly sweat-smiles and rubs the back of his head]. For all of you, I dance.

??? performs a few dance moves on stage, including a pirouette.

  Am I not lovely and graceful?

TOAST and CREPE quickly approach a front-side corner of the stage through the crowd of NPCs.

  You weren't so graceful when you lost that race to me, you know!!

TOAST laughs raucously as she heckles ???.


TOAST clenches her left fist and points at ??? with her right in a battle stance.

  Bring it on!

CREPE sweat-smiles awkwardly, rubbing their highest star tip with one of their trailing ribbons.

TOAST hops up onto the stage alongside ???.

The IDOL from earlier appears nearby the stage simultaneously and appears to be having a word with a sound engineer/DJ at a laptop near the stage to allow the impromptu competition.

??? instructs CREPE.

  Return to me. I require your power.

TOAST and CREPE look at each other emotionally then back at ??? with determined expressions. They are smiling in a devilish manner.

  I am afraid I am on her side in this battle.

  Thanks, Crepe!

  How foolish, but lose as you wish.


A punchy but cheerful short dance track will play to which TOAST and ??? are dancing. A screen behind the two characters on the stage will show graphics that match the video, like a visual equalizer of sorts. The player will have to keep up with randomized (so it is different if the player has to reattempt - see below) button presses in the style of Project DIVA games. The crowd of NPCs will cheer when the player presses in time perfectly and boo when steps are missed. TOAST's animation will fumble when the player fails to hit a note and she may sparkle when a note is hit perfectly.

There will be performance/'spirit' meters next to both characters to show how much 'affection' they are getting from the audience. Optionally, some of the audience will be in view of the camera at this point and they will be waving glowsticks. The colour will change between green and purple depending on the player's performance relative to ???. Initially 50/50 will be green/purple but the ratio will change depending on how well the player performs with button presses.

The dance routine will end with TOAST and ??? standing back to back with one leg lifted and pressed against the other's as they wink and make heart signs with both hands at the audience. CREPE will hover over the centre between both of them smiling happily. The crowd will cheer for both of them.

If the player has messed up too often and their affection level is below ???'s, the below dialogue will occur.


  Ohoho! You call that dancing? Pathetic.

  Curses! I won't lose to you next time!

  You will not win, but we can dance again, I am rather enjoying myself.

The above will loop until the player is able to beat the scenario.

...and if the player has done well enough on the first try, the plot will immediately proceed to the next cutscene.


The camera is initially positioned behind TOAST, CREPE and ??? overlooking the audience that is cheering for them both, however the audience will all be waving green glowsticks symbolising that TOAST shone the brightest out of them.

The camera swivels around them back to a frontal view.

??? drops to their knees, distraught.

  Surely this cannot be happening, I have studied so many dance routines to perfection!

??? shakes their head.

  Wahaha! That's what you get for thinking you're all that!

  I dare say you have been completely thrashed on this occasion.

  Quiet, you. This is not the end!

??? takes to the skies, producing a shard-material queen's crown shape-tipped wand that forms in their hand, and starts firing energy beams at the crowd multiple times, who scatter from the scene screaming.

Without a word exchanged between them, TOAST and CREPE look at each other with determined eyes and nod in unison. CREPE slips into TOAST's grip and a warm glow emanates from around CREPE, spreading to TOAST's outline. They ascend upward into the air as they look up at ??? fiercely.



The setting for this part of the mission is initially quite far above where the player would normally be able to access, however they may descend to the ground for particular battle manoeuvres.

Epic battle music plays as ??? flies around the map causing chaos throughout BLUEPULSE CITY, startling human and animal NPCs, knocking boxes off the top of buildings, and so on. (The developer may choose to allow damage from energy beams to buildings, especially shattering windows).

In a similar fashion to MISSION 2, TOAST will have to catch up to ??? before attempting to fire energy beams at them. When TOAST gets too close, ??? will twist around and fly in reverse, firing energy beams that TOAST must dodge at times intervals before the player can hit a button the final time to strike them with an energy beam. ??? will also descend between buildings at some point and try to escape TOAST's reach through weaving in-between them. TOAST might be able to boost-skate along buildings at a right angle during this in order to catch up more quickly. Player assist might be used here to snap to buildings etc.

Once ??? has been hit enough times, with the severity and desperation of their attacks having increased throughout the duration of the mission, they come to rest on a nearby rooftop (there may be multiple points possible for the following cutscene) as the wand they were holding dissolves from their grip.


??? is on their hands and knees, spluttering and seemingly lacking energy. TOAST and CREPE approach them and look down on them in disdain.

  Now look, I know you like to make a scene, but that was far too much.

  Gonna behave yourself now?

??? turns their head and looks up at them, panting, before struggling to get to their feet.

  If I cannot win the affections of these simple people then I will simply have to destroy them.

??? forms a wondrous and powerful protective glow around themself and blasts quickly up through the atmosphere and into space.

TOAST and CREPE once again look at each other, this time in complete disbelief, and both sigh in a resigned manner with closed eyes and shaking their heads, TOAST shrugging with her arms/hands and CREPE shrugging with their ribbons. TOAST once again takes CREPE in hand and similar to before, a warm glow starts from CREPE, enveloping them and TOAST as they light up brighter than ever before and blast off into space after ???.



Epic final boss battle music plays.

TOAST and CREPE are pursuing ??? with a view of the planet on which BLUEPULSE CITY is located below.

The camera view looks over TOAST flying at a 45-degree angle or so. The idea for this gameplay is similar to that of 'bullet hell' games such as touhou.

TOAST will pursue ??? who is gathering asteroids from off the screen of varying sizes with beams shooting from their hands and using same beams to fire those asteroids at TOAST and CREPE after gathering multiple of them and holding them out in front of themself for a while to protect them from attacks.

TOAST will either have to evade these asteroids when fired at her or throuh timed events and appropriate intervals fire the asteroids back at ???.

This will increase with difficulty until the player is able to hit ??? with a large asteroid 3-5 times (developer discretion) and of course if TOAST is hit too many times she could, for example, be shot down to the planet before the camera fades to black and the act of the mission restarts from its beginning.

Finally, ??? will get desperate and lump all the asteroids together. The camera will focus on the planet below. This is the final pay-off for the player because from here it is a very easy timed event.

The most epic magical girl-style music plays.

TOAST will have to dash with CREPE as fast as a missile into the asteroid's path and intercept it as it enters the planet's atmosphere. She will struggle with CREPE's power to push it back as it burns down toward BLUEPULSE CITY. However, summoning all of their strength through their bond, TOAST and CREPE will both exert all their strength:


This will force the asteroid back toward ??? as it subsequently cracks and splits into hundreds of pieces, some of which fracture off into space and the other smaller pebbles shot from the centre head directly for ???.


??? is flicked in the forehead several times by bits of asteroid and is knocked unconscious. They begin to fall back down to BLUEPULSE CITY. TOAST lets go of CREPE and they dash after ???. TOAST takes ??? into a princes carry and lies them down near the event stage at FOUNDERS MEMORIAL. TOAST kneels beside them with CREPE floating over TOAST's shoulder.

A small crowd of NPCs gather and look on.

??? has their eyes shut. A glow envelops them and they become a much smaller, younger looking version of themself (even though they already looked similar to TOAST's age). They have comically rosy cheeks indicating being very young.

??? wakes up abruptly and puts their hands over their forehead.

  Owieeee it huuuuurts!!

??? has a pained expression with tears at the corners of their eyes (>.<).

CREPE floats over, touching the tip of their top star point to ???'s forehead. There is a healing glow.

  T'ank you, my other...

??? sobs as TOAST looks on, trying not to smirk.

  I think it is safe to say you have definitely learned your lesson now. Let us go home.

CREPE turns to TOAST.

  Toast, it has been an absolute pleasure to work with you. I will not forget you.

TOAST bites her lip and nods a single time to acknowledge the imminent parting. She welcomes being able to return to her normal life but has grown somewhat attached to CREPE.

CREPE salutes TOAST with one of their ribbons to the side of their 'forehead' and smiles with intense eyebrow expression (>:3).

CREPE transforms into a young boy similar in appearance to ??? at this point. They also have silver-white hair and are wearing clothing typical of the working class of the Victorian era, e.g. a flat cap, brown waist coat, brown trousers. A humble appearance in contrast to ???'s highly self-inflated one.

CREPE takes ???'s hand and helps them up. They turn toward TOAST, who is now also standing, whose costume melts away, leaving her in her regular clothing from the start of the story.

CREPE and ??? dissolve into beautiful orbs of light and merge together to form the large meteorite in its original form before it was smashed to pieces. It spins slowly, gradually speeding up like an excavation drill [at this point the camera retracts behind the crowd so we can see the meteorite in the air, TOAST and the NPCs (from behind) in full view] and shoots off into space with a roaring whoosh. The camera momentarily pans up as it takes off at rapid speed, allowing a contrail to form and some mist from that nearer the ground to begin to dissipate.

The air is silent and everyone, including TOAST, continues to look up to the sky and the contrail left by the meteorite. The camera angle changes from looking up into the air to looking down at the crowd, almost directly pointing down vertically, and it slowly and continuously retracts away, up into the air. The crowd and TOAST all appear to be looking at the camera (it is in the same direction as where the meteorite took off to). TOAST wipes her face with an arm, with a sad expression, as if to cover tears of parting, but she then allows a smile to break her sadness while still holding her arm over her eyes.

Camera fades to black.

Gentle music plays and a message displays:

thank you for playing


We are now back in the overworld as per normal. The player is informed that as a bonus they may return to the BATHHOUSE previously visited in the story as any character and trigger the bathing scenes with TOAST and NATIXTA.

Player also unlocks magical girl outfit for Toast which can now be worn at any time when playing as her.