THE YASHIKY by 🚗 © 2021


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Twas a beautiful, sunny evening in the picturesque metropolis of Blue Pulse City. The birds tweeted happily as they frolicked around by way of VTOL, only occasionally disturbed by incosiderate young women tearing about in inline skates. The only thing to distract from the warm comfort of the sun setting was the stale stench of rotting garbage drifting in on the wind from the Slum District.

Yes, indeed, nothing could ruin this perfect dystopian sce--"ROOOOOAAAAR!!" moaned The Yashiky, tiring of being shackled to its computer, as it considered its 3D building models over a freshly boiled cup of instant noodles. It had been so long separated from the outside world that it had forgotten how to speak in a human manner as the days, weeks, months and years had passed. The Yashiky simply yearned to be able to finish its project and emerge from the dungeon to once again enjoy a bubble tea in the company of other living beings.

Unfortunately for The Yashiky, its transformation into a foul beast incapable of social interaction had long since begun and as time slipped on it would surely become evident to outside observers, or rather listeners of its highly audible calls of dismay, that this was the case.


Fei skipped down the main street in the Shopping District, a wicker basket filled with pansies in hand, the artificial light emanating from the surrounding shops bouncing off his rosy, red cheeks as he grinned, happily looking forward to meeting his best friend Yang. Fei was always the optimist and had just become a premium adventurer with the City's Monster Rehabilitation Unit, having blitzed through several general beginner quests, a specialist department aimed at integrating lost human souls back into their original civilisation.

Fei enjoyed wearing brightly coloured, soft clothing, such as his favourite pale blue sweater along with a baby pink bowtie. The sweater was however able to harden when electrically charged in order to provide a lightweight armour for Fei's adventuring duties. Despite what other people might have thought about his fashion choices, he thought that as long as he felt good about himself that was all that mattered. The only downside to this was the amount of offers to be a children's TV presenter he had to decline, "I must get at least ten of those every year," he pondered as he approached a shadowy figure smoking cigarette at the end of the street, Yang.

Yang, in stark contrast to Fei, dressed only in black and had a stern, stoic attitude to life. His favourite daily wear was a long, black trenchcoat. As a master swordsman, he was permitted to dual wield two full-length swords which he carried crossed over his back at all times. Even in the shower.

... way I'm joining the Adventurers' Guild, Fei!" exclaimed Yang angrily as he violently flicked his cigarette end to the ground and stomped it out with his tactical boot.

"Please, Yang," begged Fei as he sought Yang's background as an assassin to assist in the complicated case of The Yashiky, "That jaded old Guild Master is a big meanie and did not take kindly to my rapid progress through the ranks of the Guild!!"...


As they approached the crooked, hunched over Yashiky, it turned around to gaze at them as it sipped its lukewarm instant coffee. Fei froze up in shock as its eyes locked with his; they were glazed over, as if all life inside had left its being.

...[to be continued]